Katharina grew up in Germany and traveled twice with her family to Australia which left a lasting impression. After deciding in year 10 that Occupational Therapy is the career she wanted to pursue Katharina trained to become an Occupational Therapist at one of the most renowned schools in Germany and graduated in 2008 as the best of her class. Katharina continued to study for a Bachelor degree and commenced employment in a private practice working with clients of all ages which included a high percentage of paediatric and hand therapy clients. Graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy) Katharina continued working in the private practice for a few more months before taking a break in 2011 to follow her dreams to come to Australia.


After working in a dental surgery and traveling all over Australia for a year, Katharina decided to extend her stay in Australia and commenced working for an Occupational Rehabilitation Provider in 2012. This work involved return to work services, ergonomic assessments and manual handling training. After a years working as an Occupational Therapist in Australia, Katharina was able to apply for her permanent residency which she received in October 2013. With the contract renewal coming up soon and no longer dependent on a sponsorship it was time to look for an alternate employment.


In June 2014 Katharina was able to follow her passion for working with children and commenced employment with Therapy ACT where she is still working today. Her role includes working children of the ages 0-18 with a great variety of conditions and difficulties. Katharina was able to increase her skill set around her main areas of interest by working with infants as young as four weeks and children with high and complex needs that require support from carers 24/7 as well as the development of parent education sessions and assessment tools. She attended numerous professional development sessions to broaden her knowledge base.


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